Computer animation - We know all that from feature films, commercials, educational movies and so on. Our creative team can give you extensive advise about your options, develop solutions for your ideas and implement them.
This also includes the combination of computer generated material with your live action footage.



We make things visible: 

  • Animation of product functions
  • Product, assembly or conversion animations
  • animated maintenance instructions 
  • Tracking shot "inside" your product in order to show internal functions
  • Your product is used where it cannot be seen otherwise - computer animation uncovers it
  • Your product is too complex to be explained by still images? An animated movie will explain the context



So, your product is too...
• complex to be explained with just a selection of pictures?
• Or are you looking for an animated company mascot?

Our illustrators and character designers bring your ideas to life.


All of our animations can also be generated for 3D-capable devices such as smart phones, tablets or smart TVs. If you have an NVIDIA 3D Vision system available, you can already experience the 3D impression on our 3D website, see the button top right or here: 3D Web site.  


from idea to implementation:
• 0049 (0) 2304 - 945 230 

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