3D Photo Studio

Produce your photos together with us from your office - by phone and email. Complex logistics effort such as transportation of real property is no longer necessary. Our 3D Photo Studio offers great flexibility with regard to the design of scenery, lighting, size and type of the object - we offer the full flexibility of the 3D virtual world of computer animation. All images you can view on our website are computer-generated, so-called renderings. They are no photographies in the "traditional" sense.


You desire a set of about a thousand square meters in size? Or you want to have nano-particles photographed ? You have a CAD design drawing? We turn it into pictures.  


 Take advantage of the digital world, discuss your choice with our "3D photographers" and develop the scene together. Look at your shoot comfortably and without hassle from your computer or your video conference room.  


Some advantages of this approach are:

  1. Expand your creative options - you for instance desire a Lamborghini, King Diamond and Airbus in your scene?
  2. There are no disturbing reflections on reflective surfaces (camera, light stands, photographer, cable, etc.)
  3. You are not under time pressure for the shoot, because the scenery does not have to be dismantled and we take the time for you.
  4. The scenery will be stored digitally  - as it is -  and can easily be recovered, whenever you want it to be reused - a very sustainable process.

All of our products be generated for 3D-capable devices such as smart phones, tablets or smart TVs. If you have an NVIDIA 3D Vision system available, you can already experience the 3D impression on our 3D website, see the button top right or here: 3D Web site.