Product Photography


• save your time
• lower your expenses
• save your sanity


Produce your photos together with us right from your office - by phone and email. No explicit logistic measures have to be considered, what is often substantially reflected in the cost.


All images you see on our pages are computer generated - called renderings - they are no photos in the traditional sense. Especially with the added values​​, such as 360 degree photographs, renderings can once again offer a significant cost advantage.


Photo realistic turntables, 360 degree product photos, packaging prints, product cross-sections, lenticular animation ("flip image"), etc. 3D product photography will make it happen. Would you like further information? Just give us a call: 

0049 (0) 2304 945 230 


Computer-generated pictures can show you things that you would not see otherwise.  In the gallery above for example is a cross-section of the innovative heated hose "templine" by Masterflex AG. 


Your product is too heavy to just take it over to the studio? Such as the gate valve by BURGMER. Send us your CAD drawings - a data DVD or email are much lighter than the product itself. 


All of our products, e.g. Photos or "still images", can already be generated for 3D-capable devices such as smart phones, tablets or smart TVs. If you have an NVIDIA 3D Vision system available, you can already experience the 3D impression on our 3D website, see the button top right or here: 3D Web site.


You would like a 360 degree product photography (turntable) of your product to use it in an interactive presentation on the Internet or on the iPad or iPhone?  Our products are ideal for tablet computer publishing and online catalogs for tablets and smartphones.


You are welcome to schedule an appointment with us. Our customers recognize the benefits and trust in us. Ask our experts from the fields of design, architecture or engineering / science about your specific options.

360 Grad Fotografie / Turntable

Wir können auch Dinge fotografieren oder filmen, die es gar nicht gibt, wie zum Beispiel eine Grastasse