Dreamoc™ - The Magic Showcase

Ideal for trade shows and sales presentations - the Dreamoc ™: A magic showcase. We create attractive content that optimally supports your communication goal and ideally stages your product.


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Here you will find case studies of the Dreamoc™ provided by the manufacturer: dreamoc™ Case Studies - Note: The concept for »Johan Bülow - Licorice« and part of the artistic work was conducted by our sen. DA C. Hein - "... after one month of implementation, sales of Johan Bülow licorices had increased approximately 180%..."RealFiction Case Study 2011 Johan Bülow - Licorice.


Whether in use at the point of sale (POS) or at the booth, the Dreamoc ™ in conjunction with your product and an attractive animation provides an excellent sales support.


Dreamocs in different sizes are always in stock and can be rented or purchased  directly via our business associate.

Short dreamoc videos