Cross Media Publishing

Visual content in 3D: A challenge of today's marketing departments in the field Product Information Management (PIM) and cross-media publishing. New common devices such as smart phones, tablets or consumer TV-sets are increasingly able to represent 3D. A market penetration of 3D devices in width is estimated for 2013. By then, the subjective user will demand an additional "dimension" for his user experience.


We offer solutions for the productio of media-neutral creation, management, maintenance and modification of visual product information (product images, turntables, animations, etc.). Are your media content databases already prepared accordingly and filled? Can your product visualizations already be issued "with the push of a button"? As a 3D representation of your electronic catalog? We will gladly advise you about electronic catalogs in 3D and Digital Asset Management / Product Information Management with 3D objects - Augmented Reality markers and QR code included.